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About Us

Our Story

Audere is built by industry leaders to be an ethical, equitable, and profitable partnership with driven and motivated entrepreneurs.

More than a product, we want to produce business owners whose values and principles are reflected in the products they sell.

Audere’s corporate values are more than words on a website. They are reflected in the people and decisions we make every day to build a corporate culture by the field, and for the field.


From products to fulfillment to the business model and compensation, we will ask the question, “How can we do more?”

The Extra

Our leadership model will pursue the highest ethical standards. Our Consultant partner program will lead the industry in compensation. Our products will always be earth friendly, using only ethical ingredients and practices.

Ethical Leadership

We will be arm and arm taking on the world together. We have a diverse group of people who each bring tremendous experience and skills to the table.


We will be intentional about helping you achieve your dreams. We will invest in our team’s personal and professional development to keep you engaged, healthy, and moving forward.


Are you ready for unlimited opportunity?