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Limitless opportunity delivered

At Audere, It’s Your Business, Your Way


Whether you call it social selling, direct selling, or network marketing, we believe you want to build a real business that you control.

Audere is committed to creating products and services that will help you grow your business to be as successful as you want it to be. With most companies, you “join their team.” We believe we’re joining yours. You are making the decision to represent us.

Whether your team is just you or you have a team of 100,000 people, Audere will provide product fulfillment, team support, a flourishing culture, luxurious products, sales support, infrastructure, branding and training related to our products and business model so that you can focus on what you’re already good at – building relationships your way.

Our #1 goal is to remove the barriers that exist between you and your dreams!

As your Business Partner, we are committed to delivering:


  • A stable and scalable compensation model that you can build your future around
  • The highest quality, well researched, all natural, luxury products scientifically formulated to be the bedrock of producing healthy hair and rejuvenated skin
  • A proven network of nationally distributed fulfillment centers so that your supply chain is not disrupted, and the cost of delivery is always minimized
  • An Audere leadership team with over 150 years of combined proven experience that includes people who achieved the highest ranks within their previous companies and including earners of seven figure annual incomes
  • The Extra: Audere is a company built on the principle of delivering extra – extra freedom, extra opportunities, extra income and an extra special experience with every touch!

The Everyday Benefits of Partnering with Audere:

We’ve been there!

Our team is built by former Field Representatives who have joined together to form a company that is for the “Field-By -The-Field”. Members of our team have walked away from 7 figure annual incomes with other companies to build a legacy of moving this industry forward and building a company that truly is about helping others achieve their dreams. You have a partner who really does understand.

It is about you.

Audere exists to be the bridge between hope and achievement. We know that without the hard work and invested experience of our Independent Business Partners, we cannot accomplish our goals. As a result, we are investing our efforts in helping you achieve what you want out of your relationship with us.

Your Professional and Personal Development Matters.

While you bring your experience and hard work, we will be a marketplace for learning best practices and offering personal development initiatives that you can rely on to grow yourself and your business. When you do your part, we are committed to seeing you win!

Financial Success Awaits.

We cannot build your business for you; however, we can stand beside you with a compensation model that pays you more. We have built our plan around the principle of Quick-to-Earn:
1) Earn More Money – Earn up to 45% commissions on all sales including full retail Clients and Audere Premier Clients.
2) Recoup Your Costs – The Audere Strong Start program enables you to earn your kit cost back and up to $400 in Strong Start cash bonuses
3) Get More Product – Earn product credits during your Strong Start period so you can enjoy Audere product for FREE!
4) Get the Extra – With Audere, there is always “Extra.” You will have the opportunity to earn higher commission rates, extraordinary bonuses, exclusive event invitations, trips and free gifts over time. Our goal is to always honor the hard work you do. We will always look for ways to reward your commitment to having us be a part of your work.

Maximizing Your Life Through Social Selling

There are few business models that have the ability to reduce your time commitment as you grow. Social selling has that exact capability. If you dream of working when you want and where you want, Social Selling might be for you. Of course to reach any pinnacle requires the application of skills, experience, and a lot of hard work. But, if you stick with it, grow your business, and work hard, you could do exactly that.

Step One


Get a Strong Start to your business today. Let us join your team so you can begin helping people by sharing the Audere business model and product.

Enroll us on your team today!

Step Two

Step Up Your Game

Like anything new, you need to learn about the company business model and product you’re representing; but, it doesn’t stop there. Jump into a community of people just like you who will share with you what they’ve learned as they’ve developed their business and themselves professionally.

Step Three

Build your business your way

Whether you choose to focus on selling product, enrolling other consultants, or doing a mix of both, it’s your business your way. Audere will support you regardless of your goals. The good news is that you will have the assurance of knowing you’re partnered with a company you can rely on whose sole ambition is to help you achieve your dreams!

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